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little book of mind power and dirty mind test

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IELTS is a tough and complex exam, and scoring high is required for immigration and study purposes. I’m going to share my personal experience with my friends. How my clear vision, positive mindset, and strong determination resulted in a significant increase in my IELTS score from 6.0 to 8.0.I hope my experience will inspire you and point you in the right direction to achieve your goal.Below are some strategies I’ve used and hope will be helpful to others as well:The first and foremost tip I would suggest is that one must love learning English if you want to do well in the exam. It’s also important to know the test pattern beforehand. “Practice” is the key to success. Make sure you know the instructions and follow them precisely, long before the exam.ListeningOne must get used to listening to the English language and actually understanding it.

little book of mind power

This is only possible with lots of practise as the audios are of various dialects and accents. Personally, I didn’t find much difference between various accents. Take as many tests as you can to hone your skills. On the test day, relax and tune in. Do not worry about understanding every word. Just listen to the audio and be quick to write down the answers on the question paper first. Once you are told to start your listening test, please go through the tough questions and try to read as quickly as possible while the recording is speaking about the example. Then come back to section 1 to read the questions, understand them, and be ready to extract the right words/answers from what you hear. Two things here are crucial – one is fast reading and being mindful of the speakers, and the second is tracking the sentence and meaning variations. Also, do not forget to check the spelling of your answers while transferring them from the question booklet onto the answer sheet.ReadingFor the Reading section Start with the easiest questions and put a cross next to the confusing questions to come back later with a more alert mind. Remember to revise those you left behind for rechecking.The key point here is that in order to correctly answer questions, you must first locate the answer’s area(s) or specific line(s), then concentrate and thoroughly comprehend.

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your mistakes and try not to repeat them in the next practice test. There are many strategies for good performance in the reading part. Try each one and see which one works for you. However, I was always okay with listening and reading. The key in the listening module was spending less time on questions like “phone conversation information seeking discussion” and saving it for questions such as “map labeling and lectures etc.” In the reading module, I made sure to finish the first 27 questions in 30–35 minutes and saved the rest to spend on questions 28–40, as you would get a long comprehension passage in most cases. Further, while answering questions 28–35, you may find answers to questions 36–40 as well, and this will reduce your double work.WritingWell, this was the section that I always had a fear of. It was because we could work hard on other sections without any coaching by doing regular test preparation. But for letters and essays, we have to depend on someone who can check our work and let us know the mistakes we are making in the writing section. Therefore, I took the help of a writing correction service from a tutor. The teacher was really a motivator and guide. From day one, when I took the writing and speaking services, I was able to identify my mistakes that I was making, and they also helped me fix the errors that I was making. I was able to enhance my vocabulary and also learn how to write different kinds of letters. With essays too, I understood how to write the introduction without going off topic, the body language and conclusion. I learnt the usage of linking words and wrote the essays with cohesion. It is so valuable that one must go through it. Furthermore, I wrote unlimited letters and essays and got timely evaluations. I also used to read writing notes that helped me understand different kinds of letters and essays. With all my determination, I was able to get 7.5 bands. speaking not try to remember things and then blurt them out during the speaking section. Examiners have ways of finding out if candidates have memorized parts of their speeches.

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Remember to speak as naturally as possible. Also, don’t worry if the examiner interrupts you while you are speaking. This is just part of the proceedings. Also, the speaking test is not a fact-checking test. The examiner is not testing your knowledge of a specific topic. All he/she does is meant to assess the range of your vocabulary and grammar and whether or not you have the ability to speak clearly and concisely without halting. Don’t let nervousness get to you. You must not appear reluctant during the test or answer in very few words. You need to give long and relevant answers. This can only be achieved by practicing speaking in English so that you can answer the questions spontaneously. One must stay calm, relaxed, and answer with fluency. Also, as I had gone through many speaking mock tests conducted by my tutor, I had enough ideas in my mind to give an answer on any topic. In this section, we should always answer smoothly, without rushing. This would give you enough time to share your ideas without long pauses. The mock test speaking section gave me a clue about how much time we should devote to each section. Finally, never give up. Keep your spirit alive. You will definitely win one day in your struggle with a fruitful reward. For more details, drop your message. Feel free, friends.I wish all candidates the best of luck and the highest possible scores! May God bless you all in your exams.

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